Sunday, 22 August 2010

Jack Sparrow Digital Painting

This is my latest digital painting piece.

Againanother portrait, had a slightly different approach to this painting. I find that i can paint skin fairly well, but clothing and other textures I need to spend more time on.

I plan to do some smaller texture pieces so I can practice in a more focused area.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Digital painting

Over the past few years I have been painting digitally. However I have not tried to progress my skills, I have lulled over the same level of work and made no real difference in the work I produce. But now I have decided to do at least one painting a week. I will be working mostly in portraits, and possibly in texture mattes.

This is my first addition, this took about 12 hours to complete, there are things I am not happy with, I struggle with painting hair, even if I try to follow step by step instructions on how I should do it properly I still can not seem to get the hang of it. But I will give it time.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Life Drawing studies,

Recently ive been working on my prefessional portfolio, and ive been working on my drawing studies, as i feel that this is the only way i can progress in my 2D animating skills.

Amour de les main concepts.

Over the course of this academic year ive been working in a team to produce a short film, i was given the opportunity to do some character design, and i mainly focused on the puppet character P.J.

These following images are some of the designs i came up with, i was studying Jamie Hewlett and i drew a great amount of inspiration from his work.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Amour de les main development.

So, I'm going to kick off my blog with some work from a current uni project. Ive been working with one character in the preproduction section and that character is "P.J".

P.J is a pupet version of the main male character Jacque. While he is placed on Eloise's arm, he is completely alive, he becomes his own character while his actions are ultimately controlled by Eloise.

The image above is a layout shot of the final design.

Developement images coming soon.